Screen Mirroring iPhone X to iPhone XS MAX (ApowerMirror)

Screen Mirroring iOS (Apple) devices to each other is difficult thing, but we made it easier.

Why do you even want to Screen Mirror iOS Devices? 

To make this easy, let's thing of it as when you want to show something to someone on your iPhone. Neat trick, but you can do this without mirroring anything just have your iPhone with you and show them? Not quite, this process will take this to another level. Imagine you're in classroom? Yes. And also it's fun.


iPhone with "Screen Mirroring"/"Airplay" Support. 

That narrows it down to a specific list. For this tutorial I'm gonna be using my iPhone X and iPhone XS MAX.

Before we start, make sure you're running wifi on both the devices. And it's important that both devices must run on same wifi network. If you don't have a wifi network, nearby you can always turn on your Hotspot for the other device.


Turn on your Mobile Data first.

Settings > Personal Hotspot > Allow Others to Join (enable it) 

Once that's done, download a free app called "ApowerMirror" on both your devices. 

Download HERE: (iOS)

Add Screen Recording in the Control Center:

Go to the settings and Control Center: Add the Screen Recording


Once everything is done and ready. Run the App on both your iPhones. 

It's simple for this point on. Now, you need to decide which iPhone you wanna mirror to the other. 

Once you've decided click on the blue button at the bottom that'll start the search for the nearby iPhones running ApowerMirror.

I clicked on both*

But the process is the same so no worries if you clicked on both just like me. In a way it's a good thing, it'll show you the devices. It's showing my iPhone XS MAX on my iPhone X and vise versa. 

Once the search is finished, it'll show you QR Code on both your iPhones. So, click on the device which you wanna see the other iPhone on. 

In this case I am gonna be mirroring my iPhone XS MAX screen to the smaller iPhone X. 

Click on QR Code on both the devices until you see this screen.

Now on the iPhone X click on QR Code (left) and on the iPhone XS MAX click on the Scan (right)

Scan the code on the iPhone X using iPhone XS MAX until you see this screen.

Now on your iPhone XS MAX, open the control center and 3D Touch/Hold Record. 

You should be seeing multiple options, select ApowerMirror and Start Broadcasting and that's it.

All done!

Video Tutorial:


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