Screen Mirroring Netflix from iPhone to TV (Wirelessly)

Mirroring Netflix to TV - Using Apple iPhone

Netflix is a built-in app in TVs' nowadays. It's easy yet it requires a lot of effort into opening the app, searching for the content or even just a simple navigation could be sluggish depending on your TV.

Apple iPhone X:

To make sure you understand the process, let's discuss the mobile app. Netflix is a really popular app on both the platforms Android and iOS. But, the process is quite the same for both. So in this case, I'll be demonstrating using my iPhone X. 

What about the older iphones?

To put it simply it works with any iPhone which supports the Netflix app. So, this answers the question of the compatibility with older iPhones.

Back to the topic. Once you have the app running on your iPhone, log-in to your Netflix account. Once you're in the app, now it's turn to get the TV set-up.


Any TV with the Wi-Fi support will work, with this it narrows down to the list where your TV must support the Apps. Either Android or even Smart TVs.

Smart TVs.

Smart TV it doesn't need to be android to be smart.

My Samsung TV supports Smart Hub, a built-in app store for Samsung TVs. But, if you're running Sony it's the same. Get to the Sony Entertainment. 

But first, you need to make sure your TV's wifi is enabled and connected to your wifi. Of course, otherwise there's no way you can watch netflix on your TV.

Follow the Network Settings on Any TV.

Now, once your TV is connected to your Wifi, it's all set and ready.

All you now have to do is boot up the app on your iPhone and search for any content with ease. Once you like something and you want to watch it on your Big Screen.

You should be seeing the Screen Mirroring icon at the bottom right, once you click on it. It'll automatically search for your TV.

Just select your TV and watch any content on your TV without having to type with remote control.

Video Tutorial.


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