How does Screen Mirroring Works

This question is asked very frequently, and frankly it's not that complicated as its sound.

Q: How does screen mirroring works?

To answer this in few simple words, we're airing digital signals over wifi. To clarify my statement let me write in simple words. 

When you activate the "Screen Mirroring" on your phone or tablet what this does is it'll air digital signals from your phone for any device to connect, in this instant we're talking about TV. 

Once the TV catches the signals it'll run just like any aux cable, but it won't be music. Digital signals of a complete phone will be transferred to the TV and TV will cast that knowing it's just another signal but it's wireless. 


To explain how it works wireless, let me give you scenario. We often use Bluethooth in our cars, what we do is, we connect our phone to the bluethooth and it transmit the data/music over to the speakers via a medium. So, we're airing audio signals that are being played in ours cars.

That's exactly how Screen Mirroring works but the only difference in this case is that we're transmitting video signals instead of audio signals.

So, in our case we don't use bluethooth as it's old technology, to make it more robust we use Wi-Fi/Hotspots to make sure our Screen Mirroring doesn't lag or have jitters while playing.

So, Wi-Fi in our case works like that bluthooth. Wi-fi is used as a connecting medium. Just like we need a cable to connect two devices, that's exactly how Wi-Fi is working but it's invisible. 

I really hope this clears all the questions, but you still have any queries regarding this article. I'll be glad to answer any queries or any issues if you're having any will Screen Mirroring your devices. 


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