Screen Mirroring - What's it?

What is Screen Mirroring?

Some of you might be wondering what exactly is screen mirroring. Well the process of screen mirroring is basically mirroring your laptop or your phone Screen to your TV without using any cables/Wires. 

There are two ways. Either you can use HDMI cable or any kind of a cable or you can also use Chromecast or similar devices. But there is another why that's completely free. 

You can do the screen mirroring by using a wireless connection and that's called screen mirroring. There are some devices that can support screen mirroring. 

But there are also some devices that can not support screen mirroring. To do the screen mirroring you need to be connected to same WiFi on both the devices. And both the devices should be connected to the same wi-fi network.

Is Your TV Supported?

You might be wondering is your TV supported? There are multiple ways you can check weather your TV is supported. 

Best way would be to call your brand support. Or just go into the TV options and search for Screen Mirroring. 

You can also check the i-manual of your TV that's a digital manual installed in your TV by your brand. 

Just go to the Index Tab in Maunal and search for wireless settings or maybe network settings and you should be able to find the screen mirroring under those tabs. 

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Is Your Device/Phone Suppored?

Once you find out that your TV is supported. Now you might be wondering is your phone or your laptop is supported? know one thing about laptops is that every laptop in the world if it has WiFi then that means it can support screen mirroring. 

On the other hand, Phones are bit different compared to the laptops. There are some devices that support screen mirroring but there’re few which don’t support Screen Mirroring. 

Due to old hardware or maybe old software. But the simple way you can check your phone is to, go to the settings go to the more section under WiFi network settings. 

There you should be able to see something like Screen Mirroring or Mira Cast. If you’re using samsung device you should be able to find the option under the "Extended Notification Panel". 

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