Screen Mirroring - Screen Mirroring Android (Samsung TV)

Screen Mirroring Samsung Device to TV

Screen mirroring on Samsung is comparatively easy compared to other Android Phones. The feature called Wi-Fi direct option was released by Google in Android 4.0. But the Samsung Galaxy S2 was released before Android 4.0 and it has WiFi direct option built-in. Any Samsung phone above 4.0 or any Samsung phone greater or equal to Samsung Galaxy S2 can actually support screen mirroring. The screen mirroring on Samsung devices is fairly simple. Compared to the any other smart-phone in the market. You don't need to download any extra additional softwares to screen mirror the Samsung phone. But you do need to open WiFi connection on your TV. But it doesn't matter that you have Internet connection or not. All we need is just a simple Wi-Fi connection you can also get a Wi-Fi connection by opening a Hotspot on your phone. Before connecting your Samsung phone to TV just make sure your phone and your TV is connected to your WiFi connection. It's mandatory that both the phone and TV are connected to the same WiFi network.

Samsung Phone

Now the phone I'll be using is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It's pretty old phone compared to the new latest Samsung Galaxy S8 or Note 8 but it can actually do the job just as well as any latest Samsung phone can do.


Once everything is done and ready. You need to connect your TV to WiFi same as your phone is connected to. Now on your TV find the option called screen mirroring. It could be under network settings or under wireless settings depends on your TV. Or what brand are you using right now I am using Sony Bravia. In Sony Bravia TV you can easily look at the screen mirroring option in the main menu under the connected devices. Once you find the option just tap on it and it will enable this Screen Mirroring.

Now take out your cell phone and bring down the notification panel by swiping down from the top of your phone using two fingers. It’ll drop the additional notification panel in there you can look at the screen mirroring option. It should be at the bottom as you can see in the picture below.

Once you find the option. Just tap on it and it will automatically search for your television. Now if the screen mirroring option is enabled on your TV then your phone should be able to pick up the TV running in the background. But if the Screen Mirroring is not enabled on your TV then it won't Catch your TV. Once you click on your TV name it will automatically connect your Samsung phone to your TV. Once connected you should be able to see your phone wirelessly on your TV without using any kind of wires. Now you can enjoy gaming watching movies and much more.

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