Screen Mirroring - Screen Mirroring iPhone (No Apple TV Required)

Screen Mirroring iPhone To Non-Apple TV

In this article I'll teach you how you can mirror your iPhone Screen to any TV in the world. It doesn't have to be Apple TV. Problem is that every iPhone or any Apple product support screen mirroring with only and only Apple TV. Which we humans don't use. So that's why I have to make this article to help you people mirror your iPhone Screen to any non Apple TV.

Phone, TV & iOS

To do this trick. We need to make our iPhone believe that there is an AppleTV instead of Sony TV. It's fairly simple trick. All you gotta do is to download a certain application on Widows or MAC. To make iPhone into believing that there is an actual Apple TV instead of Sony or whatever TV brand you are using. For the sake of this article I'll be using Sony Bravia 4K and 3D TV and the phone I'll be using is the iPhone 6s plus updated to IOS 10.3.3.


To make this screen mirroring successful. We need to have an actual laptop or desktop PC. It doesn't matter what you have, but I'll be using laptop since it's more feasible and flexible. All you gotta do is to connect your laptop screen to your TV. Well you can do this by using two methods. Either you can use physical HDMI, DVI or even VGA cable if your TV supports them. Or you can also go with the wireless option. You can do the screen mirroring without using any cables with the help of Wi-Fi. More articles can be found in this website. I'll be using HDMI cables to quick things up.


Once your desktop or your laptop is connected to your TV and you are sure that everything is working perfectly fine i.e. your audio is fine, display is responsive. After that you need to go to Google and type “apowermirror iPhone recorder” its a free tool you can just download it from this 


You can also download it for Mac. If you are using but assuming everybody is using Windows so download it for windows it's completely free. Once it’s downloaded you need to install it. And after installing is complete launch it. It'll ask you to buy it, as I said before you don't have to worry about anything it's free. Just click evaluate and just make sure that the applications indicates that it's ready.