Screen Mirroring - Laptop To TV Screen Mirroring (Wirelessly)

Screen Mirroring Laptop to TV (Wirelesly)

In this article I’ll teach You how to connect your laptop screen to your TV without using any cables. Now there are two ways you can do this. Either by using a cable or you can go with the wireless option. But in the wireless option you need to have a Wi-Fi connection. It doesn't matter if the Wi-Fi connection is connected to the Internet or not. To make the screen mirroring successful. We need to make sure that both the laptop and the TV is connected to the same WiFi network. Otherwise it won’t work.


To start things off you don't need to install or download any additional program. The screen mirroring feature is not in the hardware but it’s in the software. It comes pre-installed in Windows 10, win8 or 8.1 not sure about Windows 7. Now once your laptop and your TV is connected to the same WiFi network. Everything is ready to go. Now on your TV turn on the Wi-Fi. Find the screen mirroring feature in your TV. If you have no idea where to find it. You can watch my videos on my YouTube channel

Or you can also read my previous Articles on "Is your TV Supported to Screen Mirroring". Once you find the option just tap on it and if the wi-fi on your TV is running then the Screen Mirroring Option should be enabled on your TV. Once it's enabled. It will allow us to connect our laptop to our TV via hot-spot. Once the screen feature is enabled. Time to switch to our computer. To enable and make this mirroring successful. We need to do it right by the laptop too. Now, just goto the settings, goto the Device TAB. In the Device TAB look for the Connected Device. You should be seeing Connected devices like "Printer", "USBs". Just click on "Add a New Device".It'll automatically start the search for our TV. Once you see it's your TV in the search TAB just TAP on it. It'll ask for your permission on your TV. Just hit accept and it should take around 2-3 mins to enable the connect.

If you're having Audio Issue, just goto Audio Tab and disable the current LAPTOP default speakers and enable the TV SPEAKERS.

Video Tutorial:


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