Screen Mirroring - Is your TV Screen Mirroring Supported

Do you have Screen Mirroring in your TV?

The most frequent question that you ask yourself before even doing the screen mirroring is that whether your TV is supported. 

There are multiple ways you can check whether your TV is supported or not. The most simple and the easiest way to check if your TV has screen mirroring is to call your support of your TV brand. And ask for the specific feature the you are looking for which is a screen mirroring here. 

You can tell them your TV model and I'm pretty sure they will answer you. 

Other ways to check is going online. You can check for specific moral on sony’s official website and then once you got your TV just goto Features TAB. 

For All the TVs

You can go to the main menu and goto the CONNECTED DEVICES Tab on your TV. There should be screen mirroring for sony TV's. 

For the Global TVs the method is that you can go to the i-manual of your TV. The i-manual is a digital manual for your TV. Open the digital manual and go to the network settings. Under the network settings look for the screen mirroring option. 

Or you can also go to the wireless settings since the screen mirroring feature support or should I say feature WiFi Hotspot. Because the Wi-Fi is actually needed to start the Screen Mirroring. That's why you need to look for the screen mirroring under network settings. Or maybe wireless settings, depending on what kind of a TV Brand are you using. 


If you are using Sony TV (Like I do) you can just go to the main menu. And look for the TAB called “Connected Devices”. This TAB is mostly used if you’ve connected external USBs, HDMI Cables or even Loud Spears. That’s where you’ll find the Screen Mirroring in Sony TVs. 


If you are using LG TV you can go to the settings under the WiFi settings. And there should be a Screen Mirroring Feature. But LG don’t really call it Screen Mirroring. Rather LG call it Mira Cast. It’s exactly the same just the name is different. 


If you’re using Samsung TV. I suggest you to go to the settings under the settings there should be Screen Mirroring. Don go to the any other options just under settings or you can just click “Option” on your remote control. And look for Picture or Devices Option. In there you’ll be able to find the Screen Mirroring Feature on Samsung TVs.


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